modern staircase designs Melbourne

How Modern Staircase Design Plays A Vital Role In The Architecture Of A House

20 . 03 . 2018

At the simplest, most functional level, a staircase is designed to transport us from A to B (from one level of the home to another).

modern staircase designs

Make Your Home Impressive With Modern Staircases

20 . 02 . 2018

When people plan how their new home will be laid out and arranged, they rarely take into consideration staircase design.

modern spiral stairs

Modern Staircase Designs For Your Beautiful Home

15 . 01 . 2018

Architecture has evolved significantly over the years – modern concepts are all about perfect design, comfort and simplicity.

Staircase Design

5 Tips For Picking Flooring For Your Stairs

15 . 11 . 2017

Whilst most of us view our staircase as little more than a means to an end, it can actually play a significant role in boosting the visual appeal of your home.

staircase nosing Australia

Choosing The Best Staircase Nosing Style

16 . 10 . 2017

Not to be confused with roughened strips that are added to treads in public and commercial areas to provide extra grip, staircase nosing in residential applications is the name given to the very front of the treads (also known as stair edging).

glass balustrades

Why Choose Glass Balustrades Over Other Balustrade Types?

04 . 09 . 2017

Balustrades are a safety requirement when it comes to staircases, balconies and landings but there’s no reason why they have to be an eyesore.