How to Care for your Oak Wood Staircase

03 . 10 . 2018

Oak staircases are as beautiful as they are elegant. As one of the most popular timbers on the market, it isn’t hard to see what makes them a crowd favourite. Not only are they strong, but their warm colour and natural grain makes them one of the most attractive hardwoods available. If you want your stairs to look their best well into the future, then proper care and attention is a must. These are our top tips for looking after your oak wood staircase.

Caring for your stairs:
Oak is a beautiful timber, so we understand that you won’t want to cover it with carpet or paint. But if your staircase is brand new, then we recommend oiling it and even varnishing it as soon as possible. Treating your stairs will better protect them from stains and other damage – but that isn’t all you can do to prolong their life. Avoid wearing shoes on your steps which can cause marks, such as high heels which could dig in to the timber. You might want to consider a runner, which will protect the parts of your staircase which has the highest traffic areas, while still showing off the timber on either side of the runner.


Just like the rest of your home, your stairs will benefit greatly from continuous love and care. Vacuum and sweep them, and clean the balustrade with a clean damp cloth. You should avoid any cleaning agents which could damage the lacquer, and take care when moping as the cleaning fluids, dirt and abrasive mopping action can damage the varnish at the base of the stairs. If there are any spills, you need to wipe these up immediately, especially if the liquid is artificially coloured. These will cause nasty stains in the wood grain – you’d need to sand the step back and varnish it again to get rid of them.


Like all timber furniture, your oak wood staircase is susceptible to sun damage over time. Direct sunlight can cause your stairs to fade, bleach, or even darken. There are, however, a few steps you can take to slow the process down, and prevent the damage from being too extreme. Where you can, install light filtering blinds and curtains, so that there isn’t as much direct light on the wood. You should also move furniture around from time to time if it is sitting on the steps. For instance, if there is a runner on the timber, after time the wood underneath the rug will be a different colour to the wood that has been in direct light.


Your oak wood staircase can be a huge asset to your home, and can be as beautiful as it is functional. To ensure that it lasts a lifetime however, you will need to give it proper care and attention. Using these tips, you’ll keep your staircase looking it’s best well into the future. If you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.