Square Bullnoses

A style that is seeing an increase in popularity because of its ability to really draw attention to the staircase, square bullnose stairs in Melbourne have quite a strong impression. The bottom tread extends the furthest past the main staircase with each additional tread extending less until it’s the same width as the standard treads.

“To draw even more attention to the bullnose, many homeowners choose to leave it in natural timber whilst carpeting the treads in the stairwell”.

There are a number of things to keep in mind, including:

  • A common choice for modern and contemporary staircases, as the square edge has a boxy, streamlined appearance
  • Can be used on staircases that are enclosed in a stairwell or (less commonly) that are built out in the open
  • Square edge can sit flush with the riser or can overhang it

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Bullnoses + Design

When the staircase has been tucked away in a corner of the room, we understand that making it a design feature can be a real struggle. A bullnose can be the ideal way to draw the eye in, opening the staircase up to the rest of the room and making it appear like less of an add on.

Areas We Service

Gowling Stairs crafts square bullnose stairs for all areas of Melbourne and wider Victoria. Some of the suburbs we service include: Balwyn, Glen Waverley, Doncaster, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Kew, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Brighton and Toorak.