Custom Stairs

Get the best of both worlds

There are a number of reasons why a custom staircase might be the better choice for your home, particularly when dealing with an awkward space where no other type will work perfectly alone.

Many homeowners opt for custom stairs in Melbourne because of the unique aesthetic appeal that they offer. There is something truly unique about these staircases that cannot be replicated using one type alone.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Closed & Concealed (whereby the string has been concealed within the wall on one side and has been closed on the other to allow for a balustrade)
  • Cut & Closed (whereby the string has been closed against the wall on one side and has been cut on the other so that the treads are visible in the void)
  • Open & Cut (whereby the staircase has no risers and the treads can be seen from the side, sitting on top of the stringer)
  • Suits any style, from contemporary to traditional
  • Combine the elements you love from various styles
  • Completely custom designed to suit your home
  • Choose from three combination options
  • Enables staircases to be built in all sorts of spaces
combination stairs design
custom stair design
combination staircase design
combination stair design

Areas We Service

Gowling Stairs crafts combinations stairs design for all areas of Melbourne and wider Victoria. Some of the suburbs we service include: Balwyn, Glen Waverley, Doncaster, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Kew, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Brighton and Toorak.