What Are The Available Glass Balustrade Systems For Decking?

29 . 06 . 2016

If your decking is raised more than 1 metre above the ground, it is often necessary to have a balustrade installed to prevent someone from accidentally falling over the edge. Many homeowners like the look of glass balustrades, as they are inherently modern and don’t obstruct the views afforded to the space, but the number of options available can make it difficult to reach a final decision.

The most unobtrusive system available, frameless balustrades can make it appear as if there is no barrier at all between your deck and a fall. It is a popular choice for properties in truly amazing locations, as it ensures that there are no posts to mar the view. The glass panels are generally set in a channel or adhered to the side of the deck as opposed to the surface.

If you want your balustrade to have a handrail, infill is generally the best option. The way that the frames are designed means that a handrail can be mounted above the glass panels. The rail can be suspended slightly above the panel or it can sit comfortably right on top. The frames may or may not enclose the bottom of the panel and can be fairly unobtrusive.

Mini Post
When you want the frameless look but this type of installation is simply not available, mini post is the answer. Mini posts or spigots are adhered to the surface of the decking, providing a holder for the glass pane and leaving a small gap underneath it. If you would prefer there to be no gap, the spigots can be secured to the side of the deck.

In order to provide the glass panes with the best support possible, you may opt for a framed balustrade. This sees the panel mounted into a four-sided frame, which will hold it in place no matter the weather. The frames themselves can be fairly narrow in design, ensuring that you don’t lose much of your view, and often feature a handrail on the top.

Semi Framed
If you aren’t a fan of the framed look but still want the support or to use larger panes of glass, a semi framed system could be the answer. These frames do not possess four sides – one option is to have posts in between the panels (leaving the top and bottom clear) and the other is to have a frame around the sides and top or bottom (leaving the other clear).

We hope that the information provided above has enabled you to choose between the various glass balustrade systems for decking. If you are having trouble reaching a decision or you aren’t sure whether your desired system is suitable for your home, ensure that you speak with a member of our expert team – we can steer you in the right direction.