How To Child Proof Your Spiral Stairs

21 . 08 . 2012

If you have spiral stairs in your home, you may have realized that they can pose a serious safety hazard for young children, especially those who are crawling or only just starting to walk. Not only can this style of stairs be narrow and difficult to navigate, they are known for featuring open risers (which babies can easily fall through). Use these tips to ensure that your spiral steps are completely child proofed:

  • Make sure that your stairs are never cluttered. Don’t store toys, shoes or other items on the steps, even for a short time, as these can easily be slipped on tripped on. The area needs to be clear.
  • Install baby gates at the top and bottom of the spiral stairs. Make sure that the gate fits snugly between the wall and the post to ensure that it won’t move. You should also ensure that it features child proof locks. If children are never upstairs alone, you may only need a gate at the bottom.
  • Lay out non-slip mats on each of the risers of your stairs. If a child does, somehow, manage to get onto the steps, these mats can help to stop them from slipping and falling.

Whilst it is near impossible to make spiral stairs any more child friendly, it is possible to prevent your children from getting onto the steps unwatched through the use of baby gates. Ensuring that the steps are free of clutter and are fitted with non-slip mats are more of a last ditch attempt to protect your kids than a preventative measure.