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Timber types


The success of your wooden staircase project relies on the selection of the perfect timber. Whilst a number of different species are suitable for use in such projects, from jarrah and karri to pine and Tasmanian oak, they won’t all complement the design or your home. We can help you to select the right kind of species for your timber stairs.

At Gowling Stairs, we believe that timber is the most preferable choice for staircase projects. Not only is this material aesthetically pleasing, it is incredibly versatile – it can also be used in the construction of balustrades, handrails and posts. Wooden stairs are the perfect addition to any home, whether built in a traditional or contemporary style.

For more information on timber staircases and choosing an appropriate species, please get in touch with our expert team today!

Range of Timbers

Gowling Stairs believes that you need to have access to the right sort of materials in order to create the perfect staircase. This is why we stock a considerable range of timber (from MDF to Spotted Gum) solutions.

Range of Applications

The timbers that we stock can be used for a number of the elements that make up your staircase, including the stringer, treads, risers, posts, balustrades and handrails.

Timber Matching

Our team can help you to match any timber in your home to a suitable variety from our range. Consistency is important to many people and we endeavour to stock a range of both light and dark timbers.

Please browse through our range of timber types and contact a member of our helpful team once you have made a selection or if you have any questions.